We've been in our current workshop for about 15 years now so people in the local area have heard that there are some leatherworkers around. this combined with our listing in Yell means that every so often a member of the public walks in to ask if we can help.  

Normally this is just simple things like holes or rivets in belts, resewing a handle on a favorite bag or fixing a Filofax.

Occasionally it's a little different, can we cover motorcycle saddles(no), can we fix horse saddles(we'll have a go) or can we make some WW2 canvas panniers fit an Enfield Indian that's been dressed up as a despatch riders bike(yes).

And just once it was an invitation to quote for making some items from the sort of catalogue that comes in a plain brown wrapper. After several minutes turning the catalogue this way and that we still couldn't figure out exactly what we were looking at or how it was supposed to work so we politely declined.

The latest though was an enjoyable challenge. One of the local ladies has an old dog which drags it's back paws. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just old. To protect it's paws she's been buying doggie boots. The problem with these is that they're designed to protect the pads of the paws not the toes and the tops of the toes which is what this old dog was dragging along the floor. These boots are £12 a pair and were wearing out in a week as the bit taking the wear was only nylon. We were given a worn out pair and asked if we could do anything.

They're being field tested this week but we're hoping that 3.5mm vegtan might take it a while to wear out.