This weekend saw the first of the events which involve us leaving the comfort and security of the workshop. It also marks the point where we have to do some work as we can't get the goblins to come out of the cellars to help us away from home.

Gloucester was the destination, for the What's Your Game kit fair. Most of the usual Larp traders were there with one or two newer faces who'd obviously heard of Larp and wondered if it might be the road to riches. It was the first chance most of the traders had had to catch up with the gossip and see what new creations/finds had been made over the winter months. There were also representatives of several Larp games looking to entice people to try their systems. Saturday was very well attended with the stall space tango being danced on several occasions. Sunday was much slower prompting a discussion with the organisers as to the possibility of it being a Saturday only event or what else they could do to promote the Sunday without detracting from the Saturday attendance.

Next up for us though is the first of the potential mud slogs. The first Empire event is at a new site with better drainage than the last but it's at Easter which is in March this year, so potentially cold as well(those of you who were there will remember the first ever Empire was an early Easter as well). Running a stall at that event means turning up on a Wednesday to set up the tent as it's a 3 hour plus journey down the M6, that well known free flowing motorway. We'll be moving approximatly 1 metric tonne of stuff out of the van and trailer in the form of tent and stock, then 5 days later packing it all up again.

The rest of the year is generally OK for sites although with the British weather you can never tell and come the summer there's nothing better for Larpers than to sit round a campfire at night telling tall tales of the heroic feats they managed during the day

If you want to see us in a field at a Larp event this year hop over to our Events page which lists all the places we're going along with links to the events themselves.