We've recently taken delivery of a bunch of new larp throwing knives. Whilst we've put the first of them in a Twin throwing knife vambrace decisions have to be made as to how to carry the rest.

Over the past 6 years we've had our own larp throwing knives and in that time developed a range of scabbardry starting from the general purpose sheath 3 rack which formed the basis of our design to the single Priest throwing knife scabbard which we always envisaged being hidden from view, culminating in the Throwing knife rig, armpit. We found that if you had a big flowing coat that you could hide these inside your coat until you needed them with the bonus that a huge theatrical flourish was involved in getting the coat out of the way of the knife handles.

We did for a while try to work out how to fit 50 knives on a person whilst not impeding their movement. We got stuck at about 34 but found that the Horizontal twin scabbard was a handy piece of kit. Not only did it allow you to put 4 knives in the small of you back but we discovered that you could slide one onto the belt support strap on the Throwing knife leg sheath 5 rack giving you seven on each thigh.

It's not feasible to recreate the entire range for all the new knives, the cost of tooling would be prohibitive so we're going to opt for a signature scabbard for each one. Ideally something that carries two or three knives that we can get press knives made up for so we can turn them out at a decent price. (Press knives allow us to cut an outline and put all the holes in a piece of leather with one operation of a press) That's not to say we won't have the option of making any of our scabbards for any of the knives, just that those will have to be hand cut which always pushes up the price.

So if you have any ideas on how we should best show off these new knives, drop us a line.