Running out of hands to carry all that stuff? Boots uncomfortable with all that loot stuffed in them?

Well no longer – the answer is here, the Large leather belt pouch. Designed to attach to the belt and carry all manner of stuff and leave your hands free for more important things like weapons.,

But that's not the only feature of the Large leather belt pouch – It's reusable. After you've used it to carry stuff from A to B you can empty it out, then fill it again with stuff to carry from B to C!

“But Tim” I hear you say “I collect severed thumbs* as proof of my kills, I couldn't fit more than six in that pouch.” Never fear, the Larp Pouch comes in a range of sizes from the purse pouch to the Monster leather pouch , with some serving specialist functions like the scroll-tube.

“But where can I put this severed head? It won't fit in any of these Belt pouches. Darkblade has the answer – Shoulder bags. The A4 leather satchel can fit the grisliest of trophies, and how much cooler will you look with this rather than a grubby hessian sack.

Darkblade Larp – Helping you look cool and carry stuff.


*Severed body parts not included