We like orders like this, a customer has seen a kit we've built before and gives us a sum of money to create something for them. In this case it was leather armour for an Orc shaman. The specification was for a waffenrock with some armour on it but not scale, a short breastplate and some vambraces.

We needed to tie the pieces together to create a whole look so we selected an inner curve to points which is on a lot of the LOTR orc armours. The starting piece was the waffenrock so this cureve shape was put on the buckle plate and the groin protectors. We started making the tassets the same as the groin protector but this was lacking something so we turned them upside down to make them more aggressive. The short breastplate was a cut down version of the Shadows fold cuirass which was originally based on some LOTR stuff so had the inner curve on it already. We'de been asked to push the shoulders out rathe than up so we added a couple of lames to the shoulder plates and some of the thin leather matching the waffenrock that could take painted symbols.

The last piece, the vambraces used the same leather discs we'd used in the spine of the breastplate running up them to create a spine/insectoid look which we thought went well with a shaman. 

There was a bunch of polishing and adding little details to start the cluttered, rattleing shaman look. Hopefully we'll get some final character pics from the customer in the future. 

Orc Waffenrock

Orc leather armourOrc shaman leather vambraces