We've had a laser in the corner of the workshop for the best part of 15 years now. In that time it's had two new laser tubes, new power supply, new motherboard and a replacement water pump, but it's still the same old laser. We use it to put images on various leather goods although by far the most populous of these is vambraces. Most of the images in the catalogue also date back about 15 years, gathered from a range of sources with no idea of continuity of style, just 'that's a good image and would work well'. Various images have been added since on an ad-hoc basis whenever something we thought would work came a long.


All this has now changed, recently we went through the entire catalogue and removed anything that hadn't really sold well and commissioned a range of new pictures from a couple of artists to create a more coherent look. Luckily they've both been happy to accept store credit for payment because as you can imagine at the moment(covid19 if you're reading this in the future) we're somewhat short on liquid funds. The range is based on a celtic(ish) style, with animals notable in that culture being centre stage. This should give us iconography which will be ideal for several nations at Empire Lrp, and a couple of nations at both LT and CP games, not to mention a broad appeal to roleplayers in general.


We will of course still be accepting custom work on the laser. It's proved popular in the past and having your own imagery engraved onto an item is a low cost way of getting that character defining piece. All we need is a good quality black and white jpeg image, although there are one or two things to point out. Taking a photograph of the design on your mate's shield isn't going to cut it though, even if it is black and white and good quality. The image can't feature any grey either. When the laser program sees grey it makes a decision that that part of the image is either black or white. Strong, bold images work best rather than very finely detailed ones. Have a look at our standard images to give you a guide.


You can see the Engraved range here, let us know in the comments what you think.