It became obvious fairly early on this year that Larp was not going to be providing the usual amount of work or money. Other avenues needed to be pursued. Luckily I know a lot of our customers are also table top gamers as well, in one form or another. Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer were mentioned often enough for it to be worth taking a look at what could be made in leather for that market.


The first thing I thought about was rules satchels as we had existing patterns for satchels which could easily be modified. I also thought that the applique work that had also been done on satchels could, with the right images appeal to gamers.


First thing to work out was the size as ideally you want a bag that fits everything in but isn't just a massive sack. There was the idea of fitting dice stuff into the bag as well but the thought was that a separate dice carrier could be clipped on as needed(design to follow). Calls to fellow gamers came up with a number of sizes but it was clear that there was a divide between warhammer players and RPG gamers in relation to the number of books that they carried. For Warhammer there were two satchels, one that would fit the core rules and one codex, the second that would fit the core rules and several codexes.


For the RPG players I've still got to get a good average for the number of books they carry.


Decoration for warhammer presents the problem of copyright so I've been working on versions of the iconography whilst trying to stay on the right side of the line. It's turned out to be a mixture of laser engraved panels and applique work so far, the technique depending on which gave the most pleasing result. Decoration for the RPG stuff I've started with dragons as there's a range of dragons in the engraved range on the website.


There's still a fair bit of work to do on this range as the dice stuff has taken more of my attention but I'll get back to it before too long.