Quite a while ago I settled on a one size fits most pattern for our vambraces. WIth four inches of adjustment they've mostly proved up to the task set them. Those peple who fell outside this range I was quite happy to offer a custom fit for the same pricce, in most cases it only involved moving the pattern around a bit.

Recently though we've had a number of request for a smaller size as a standard item so a new one had to be designed. Using our present design and just slimming it down doesn't really look very good due to the set up of the strap and buckles. These are mounted on the edge of the vambraces so there's a gap between the inner edge of the vambraces when it's done up. When you try and narrow the vambrace to fit a slimmer arm then by the time you've taken account of this gap the actual vambrace part is little more than a strip. Moving the strap and buckles so they are set further round the vambrace doen't look very pleasing either if it's worn on any of the larger hole settings.

To get round these problems I've chosen to use seperate straps which run over the top of the vambrace and are held in line with a couple of loops. This makes a feature of the fastening but also allows the two inner edges of the vambrace to meet for smaller sizes but show too much of a gap at the wrist with the larger settings.

As the fastening straps can come out completely out of the leather loops it might even be possible to thread small pouches and the like onto them and thus mount them on the vambraces.