Basic design thoughts behind our Larp pouches, part two

Sorry, got a bit distracted by the boot cover. As promised, below you can see a picture of the finished pouch. I've closed it using a strap and buckle set but other options are loop and toggle, a tongue and loop or there are any number of latches. I've gone for a chunky strap width as this pouch is made from 3.5mm thick leather so is quite solid and I think the fastening has to reflect that.

It's mounted onto the belt via the two loops on the back. This setup holds the pouch close to the body which is great if you do a lot of running around as it doesn't move but can get in the way a little when you sit down. The answer to that problem is to ususpend the pouch from straps but that just means it flaps about when your run. Best way of mounting the pouch does somewhat depend on what sort of character you're playing, strolling and sitting, hanging straps, runnig around and going upside down then back loops.

You can also see from the back picture(which is actually a different pouch) that the fold at the side shows the exposed side so that looking from the front it's nice and smooth. It's only a small detail but makes a huge difference to the appearance.

As always comments and questions welcome