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Chemisphere bottles

New products can come at any time not just when you've decided to make a new variation. A 250ml spherical plastic bottle landed on my desk a few days ago and screamed at me to design a way of carrying it. I used a laced together design, not something that I normally do but there were a couple of reasons. First it needed to be something that could be taken apart and reused with a replacement bo... read more

Big ring leather armour

Today has been about arm(vambraces) and leg(greaves) armour. The style we've been working on, the big ring greaves, use metal rings as the decoration and signify that the leather is reinforced. Like some other things we make they date back to the early days when there was a dearth of specific things to make the armour look heavier and more protective. Metal rings were available in hardwa... read more

Rogue Chest Armour

This is a new addition to our armour range. I recently built a budget cuirass for starting players, a very simple design with a small amout of decoration to keep the cost down. When I posted a picture someone asked if I was going to do a rogue version? I wasn't sure what he meant but in conversation it transpired he was after a short breastplate. Hence the Rogue Chest armour was born. It ... read more

Empty Potion Bottles

Today's build was potion pouches. Everyone needs a way to carry their potions while on a larp so we designed a range of pouches to do this. In the bad old days of diy we used to collect those little shampoo bottles from hotels and make small pouches to put them in. This is fine when you're only sorting stuff out for your own character because you only need a handful of bottles. When you wa... read more

Medieval shirt

Today I was unpacking a delivery of clothing from one our suppliers and I was struck by how much the game has changed since I started. In the early days if you wanted a suitable looking shirt you either made one from scratch(I can't sew that well) or you went to a charity shop, bought an ordinary dress shirt and cut the collar off and blanket stitched the raw edge to neaten it up. Today o... read more