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Herr Doktor


Larp, larp healer, larp medic

Today's build was a Herr Doktor. This is a medical apron with potion bottles built into the top along with some small pouches which were designed to hold the magical cards which some systems issue with the potions. The original spark for the idea came from an old Frankenstien movie where the Doctor has just got the creature to rise for the first time. We just added the potion bottles to make i... read more

Hero Belt


Larp, LARP Costume, hero belt

Today I've been working on a custom length hero belt. These are really useful pieces of kit for a number of reasons. The standard belt is 4" wide with an inner belt that can be fully removed. This means that after you've loaded your belt up with all your pouches and scabbards when you take it off to go to the loo, put another layer one etc nothing moves around and it's easy t... read more

Sheepskin Mantle Cloak

Today was about building Sheepskin Mantle Cloaks. The programme Game of Thrones has had an influence on a number of designs but this has to be one of the more obvious ones. We make two versions, one which has the chest straps like to John Snow one and this one which keeps the nice fancy dragon hook fastening of the original cloak. It is basically three quarters of a sheepskin rug argued onto our h... read more

Navarr kit build

I've just been chatting to a new player who's coming to the first Empire Larp event this year. He wanted some guidance for his kit in the Navarr nation and I thought the advice I sent him might have relevance for any other new player. It's not exhaustive but a starting point. The colour palette for Navarr is autumnal greens and browns. First off, footwear. Most important is tha... read more



Empire Larp, Larp

Today's highlight was not building stuff but chatting to a couple of new players. They rang out of the blue to see if we were an actual shop or mail order only. Now we're not a proper shop with opening times and a fancy display but we're happy for people to ring and make an appointment to poke around in the stockroom and talk to us about Larp in general and the specific game ... read more