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Silly Videos

I’ve made a number of videos for the business over the last few years but they’ve been posted on my personal account. I’m now in the process of transfering them to an account for the business. I thought I’d share them on here just in case people haven’t seen them before. read more

Mud, mud glorious mud

Not all of our trade is done over the internet. Between Easter and September we head out to events in the field  to peddle our wares, meet customers and get involved in the game. Sometimes the conditions are more challenging than others. read more


Sometimes I forget what things are supposed to look like. A customer recently ordered one our leather plate warcoats in a size 8. Now we don’t have a seperate pattern for a size 8 so I had to use a plain size 8 pattern and hand lay the plates and other decoration over the top. The problem was I forgot that this warcoat doesn’t had rivet decoration all round the edge as standard. Luckil... read more