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Wool cloaks

I was busy packing for an event recently and I looked at the weather forecast. I then went and packed another couple of wool cloaks. If the weather is going to be anything but sunny then it's definately worth packing your good warm wool cloak. There's nothing worse than standing around being cold and wet and while the water will eventually get through the wool it will still keep the w... read more

Spell card holder

Today we were making spell card holders. This is a very specific piece of kit for some Larp games. To keep track of how many spells anyone can cast in a day the organisers issue small pieces of thin card, each one of which represents a spell that can be cast that day. When you want to cast a spell you call out the verbals and the spell effect then rip one of the spell cards in half to show that yo... read more

Ladies Larp armour

Toady we've been building a Robyn Hoodie, a style of ladies suede larp armour with a built in hood. The suede jackets have been going for a number of years so recently we decided they needed a refresh. The basic jacket is still a good solid piece of kit so we didn't want to be too radical. The leaf armour with a built in hood had been well recieved so we added a hood and beefed up the... read more


Today has been about read more

Horsehair plumes

Toady's build was a dwarven larp helmet with a horsehair plume. Back in the early days when we'd just started this was one of my least favorite jobs. it started with ringing round the local knockers yard to see if any of them had any 'stock'. This was then followed by a trip to collect the tails. If you were lucky they were ready for you and had them in a bin liner(well two ac... read more