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Ladies Larp armour

Toady we've been building a Robyn Hoodie, a style of ladies suede larp armour with a built in hood. The suede jackets have been going for a number of years so recently we decided they needed a refresh. The basic jacket is still a good solid piece of kit so we didn't want to be too radical. The leaf armour with a built in hood had been well recieved so we added a hood and beefed up the... read more


Today has been about read more

Horsehair plumes

Toady's build was a dwarven larp helmet with a horsehair plume. Back in the early days when we'd just started this was one of my least favorite jobs. it started with ringing round the local knockers yard to see if any of them had any 'stock'. This was then followed by a trip to collect the tails. If you were lucky they were ready for you and had them in a bin liner(well two ac... read more

Ladies battlecoat for Larp

Today we've been building a ladies battlecoat in the smallest size we make, a UK 6-10. The origin of this design goes back to the very earliest armours we made. Back then the only metal armour available for Larp was very expensive reenactment stuff. This led to all sorts of attempts to produce better armour at affordable prices. Our local system had plated leather as an option so we looke... read more

Dwarven Hero Belt

We haven't made one of these in a little while as it's something we only make for orders and don't make as stock to carry at Larp show in the field. It's a 6" wide hero belt but the loops have a little more detail. They're based on hexagons, inspired by all the hexagons used in the dwarves kit in the Hobbit films.  As with all our hero belts the two inner belts can... read more