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SIngle potion pouch

Sometimes what we build is driven by rules changes at one of the big systems. In this case it's to do with carrying lammies with potions at the Empire Larp events. The potion has to be carried with the lammie. This is still open to interpretation but we've gone down the route of making room in the potion carrier for the lammie so there can be no argument. We've made it a single to keep... read more

Game of Thrones wool cloaks part 2

As mentioned in the first post, I wanted to try with a darker colour sheepskin and to change the wool ties for a GoT style cross strap fastening. I'm very happy with the result, I think it's now a saleable product, althought there are some production problems still to overcome. To make the sheepskin fit the cloak neckline cleanly you have to cut a section out before you sew it. Unfortu... read more

Ranger Overjacket


Larp, leather, ranger

This is a ranger style overjacket that I made for a wedding in Scotland. It was inspired by the Aragorn jacket out of LOTR being designed as a top layer able to be worn regardless of the number of lower layers. I think that's probably a useful point in a Scottish castle in November. I don't often make these and they're not on the website as they rely on me be being able to get the ... read more

Seeing eye eyepatch

It's always fun to try different approaches to items you've made before. We've made plenty of standard pirate eyepatches in the past and even some with gemstones on the outside in a eye outline. When we got hold of the eye cabachons which we've used on lots of other products as one offs the obvoius thing was to aadd it to an eyepatch. We've got the Seeing Eye Patch on the websi... read more

Game of Thrones wool cloaks


wool cloak, larp cloak

I've had an idea how we could build wool cloaks a bit like the ones on Game of Thrones for a couple of years now. I've always held off because a good friend started building a similar item even before the series came out. They were works of art and although the pricetag was hefty you could see where the money was. He's since quit the circuit, something to do with the endless rain, mud ... read more