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The Doktor will see you now

The Herr Doktor apron was inspired by the Salvation medical bag as a cheaper and different way of outfitting a battle surgeon. It's quite easy to picture someone up to their elbows on gore running from one casualty to the next causing terror wherever they stop. It's also inspired the vambrace kits with potion bottles and scalpels on them. It might even be time to revisit the Herr Doktor... read more

Orc Ripper Helmet


Orc, larp helmet, orc helmet

I do like the look of this helmet. It was obviously inspired by some of the orc helmets from Lord of the Rings, but it's one thing to see a picture and another to actually get a similar sort of look when it's in three dimensions and a different material. The spikes took quite a while to get right and have to be exacly the right combination of thickness and flexibility. Too thick and yo... read more

Unicorn Drinking Horns

These are a nice twist(forgive the pun) on drinking horns. We've never seen them anywhere else but doubtless our supplier is selling them to someone else. They're a standard horn with a heavy sidewall that has had spiral grooves ground into it. They come in a variety of patterns but this is the present one. I wouldn't fancy the job of grinding those spirals. Forget the concentratio... read more

The Gnome King's hat

It's amazing what you can build once you've got the basic patterns right. This one is based on the hat pattern that was developed for the leather tricorns in the pirate section. When Empire was launched by PD they said they'd like headcover options for all the nations. Looking around at inspirational material for the league I found a 15th century italian painting with this hat in it... read more

SIngle potion pouch

Sometimes what we build is driven by rules changes at one of the big systems. In this case it's to do with carrying lammies with potions at the Empire Larp events. The potion has to be carried with the lammie. This is still open to interpretation but we've gone down the route of making room in the potion carrier for the lammie so there can be no argument. We've made it a single to keep... read more