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Full scabbards

We make full scabbards both for our own swords and as custom fit for customer's own swords. In recent years we've also been cooperating with some of the weapon makers to provide scabbards to fit their swords which are sold on the same Larp circuit we trade at. It all started when customers came in asking for scabbards that would work with a particular style of sword which was heavily ... read more

Toggle fastening fur mantle

We've been making these for a year or so now, mainly with the Wintermark nation of the Empire Larp game in mind. We've sold a fair number but not as many as I thought the product deserved. With this in mind we had a rethink and decided to use a toggle to fasten it rather than a strap and buckle. While it doesn't fit the Wintermark brief any better it certainly gives it a wider appeal o... read more

Alchemist's Arsenal

The bag for the Alchemist on the move. All you need to make your potions on the go. The idea for this came from a conversation with an older roleplayer who played an alchemist but found he was restricted when it came to adventures as his kit was far to bulky to carry. We'd already made the healer's satchel and it was only a small stretch to source a mortar and pestle and swap it for the sc... read more

Misericord Dagger

Whilst stabbing someone through the eyeslits of their visor isn't safe for Larp, there's nothing to stop you having a dagger is based on such a design. A nice double edged 17” dagger with an all steel finish and black suede handle binding. read more

Antler Handled knife

I've wanted to stock this style of knife ever since I bought one for one of my own characters 10 years ago. Most of the time a knife just sits on your belt and looks pretty unless you're really unlucky or really fast. With this in mind why not have a pretty looking knife. The handle is cast latex so there's no problem with weapon checks unlike some of the cast resin stuff that's st... read more