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Medieval shirt

Today I was unpacking a delivery of clothing from one our suppliers and I was struck by how much the game has changed since I started. In the early days if you wanted a suitable looking shirt you either made one from scratch(I can't sew that well) or you went to a charity shop, bought an ordinary dress shirt and cut the collar off and blanket stitched the raw edge to neaten it up. Today o... read more

Larp throwing knife belt

Today's task has been to modify our throwing knife belt to take a different model of throwing knife. The belt is based on our hero belt with the plate enlarged to carry the knives. The idea was to make a big show of the knives so it could act as a centrepiece for a costume concept. Throwing knives also make people think twice about spellcasting near you as it's an effective way of disrupti... read more

Claw Plated Larp armour

We've just had two orders for this leather body armour in the last two days. It's based on a set of shoulder armour which you can have as stand alone, part of a heavy leather cuirass or in this case as part of a knee length tabard style armour. This armour is a fantasy peice with no historical precedent but it draws style cues from plate gorget and pauldrons and brigandine body armou... read more

Wool cloaks

I was busy packing for an event recently and I looked at the weather forecast. I then went and packed another couple of wool cloaks. If the weather is going to be anything but sunny then it's definately worth packing your good warm wool cloak. There's nothing worse than standing around being cold and wet and while the water will eventually get through the wool it will still keep the w... read more

Spell card holder

Today we were making spell card holders. This is a very specific piece of kit for some Larp games. To keep track of how many spells anyone can cast in a day the organisers issue small pieces of thin card, each one of which represents a spell that can be cast that day. When you want to cast a spell you call out the verbals and the spell effect then rip one of the spell cards in half to show that yo... read more