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More patchwork

After the plain patchwork vambraces proved popular in the field the obvious follow on was to make a studded version. We looked at both flat and dome rivets but opted for dome as the patchwork gave a depth to the design that the dome studs would reinforce. We noticed though that a regular pattern of studs looked wrong with the irregular effect that the patchwork creates. The answer was to lay out t... read more

One of the things we've always struggled with is how to get a more irregular or tribal look to some of our work. Some people can just pick up a piece of leather, make a few cuts and hey presto a perfectly ragged, yet somehow in proportion tribal piece of kit is made. All our patterns and techniques use straight lines and smooth curves with hole spacing marked out regularly on patterns so every... read more

Leaf Hood

Sometimes it takes us a little while to get stuff onto the website. Trying to get a good picture is part of the problem. While the choice of me or Pete gives a good value for old and gnarly it isn't always the look we're after. Derek can be a good stand in especially for Instagram as he's always around and can't object to what he's made to wear as he's a dummy. Add ont... read more

Time flies

It's amazing how fast this time of year goes. If it's not attending shows then it's building website orders for players who are going to events every weekend over the nice! weather. As we're expecting to see some sunshine at the next couple of events it was a priority to track down some more plastic wine bottles for our water carriers. In the past we've used recycled ones ... read more

Spherical potion bottles

We've been a bit busy for the last few weeks, hence a lack of updates on here. While we've got another couple of shows comeing up in the next few weeks I just wanted to grab the time to talk about our latest products. A couple of months ago someone showed us a fantastic potion holder that had a spherical glass bottle in it. We loved the idea of spherical potions but glass is obvi... read more