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Hairy Vambraces

A few years ago there was a game called Odyssey, set in a mythical greco roman world. One of the races, the Cartheginians were described as being armoured in the skin of beasts. That set me thinking and I decided to make a cuirass with hair on it. Casting around the only hair on leather that could be had at a reasonable price was goat. Goat is a little thin to make decent armour so I stitched it o... read more

Small Vambraces

Quite a while ago I settled on a one size fits most pattern for our vambraces. WIth four inches of adjustment they've mostly proved up to the task set them. Those peple who fell outside this range I was quite happy to offer a custom fit for the same pricce, in most cases it only involved moving the pattern around a bit. Recently though we've had a number of request for a smaller size as... read more

Dice Cups

While things have been quiet I've had to look around for new things to build. One of the areas that I at least knew a little about was table top games, would there be any products for that which could be made from leather? I quickly found a number of possible avenues but settled on dice cups as the first one to try. It had the advantage that I coould easily adapt one of the designs we already ... read more




  Welcome to the city of Xopolis. Life here is, complicated. First, we all have powers of one sort or another Secondly, we're all split up into different sections based on personality traits at the age of ten Thirdly, every ten years there is a fight to the death. Every nation sends their two best boys and their two bets girls. This year, the seventy-sixth anniversary of the g... read more

New Pouch Design WIP

This is a slightly more in depth look at a new pouch design I posted about on Facebook and Intagram recently. Last week one of my irregular leather suppliers turned up with some heavy upholstery leather(1.2mm) in a golden yellow. It reminded me of a picture I'd seen of a medieval pouch so I set out to make my own version. This was primarily intended for Empire where a medieval pouch of that... read more