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Another helmet design

Occasionally a customer will ask us for a custom job based on stuff we've posted on Facebook. This is a leather helmet that was asked for after we posted pictures of a work in progress helmet with a dragon theme. The idea was that the cheekguards should be extended into a wing shape and the nasel guard drawn into a snout very similar to the technique that we used on the Wolf helmet. It all wor... read more

New Helmet Designs

Many years ago we settled on a style of helmet bowl that we were happy with. It gave a good fit and we could make it in a range of sizes that meant we could offer a made to measure service at no extra cost to the customer. What we've been working on since then is faceplate designs. We've come up with three basic categories, open face which has cheek pieces but is open at the front, full fa... read more

Dwarven leather vambraces

As with lots of people in Larp I was inspired by the designs in both LOTR and the Hobbit. The dwarven stuff especially caught my eye so I designed these vambraces based on the images from the films. They feature two layers to give that slightly sticking out look of the films and added hexagon plates as hexagons were a major shape in a lot of the dwarven stuff. In the film the vambraces often ran o... read more

Musketeer shoulder

I've been meaning to make one of these ever since the series came on TV. For this test one I've used the same mounting plate that we have for our single shoulder armour with all the lames. The difficulty on this one was getting the curves and the rivet points in the right relationship. A change of only a few mm made a big difference to the curve so there was a fair bit of trial and erro... read more

One off varients

When you sell things on a website you have to try and make sure you send people what's in the picture. This can limit what leather you can buy unless you're prepared to have a huge options list on a product and make it to order every time. Occasionally though we come across some leather that we wouldn't normally buy either because it's got a  heavy texture or is a colour that ... read more