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Orc commission

Leather armour for an Orc shaman read more

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Another quick Blog entry so Tim can have a go at doing some moderating, when I have replied to my own Blog. I suppose I had better type something sensible in here about LARP - not too sure what to waffle about - other than this week I have mainly been packing orders, cutting bits of leather into smaller bits of leather and oh, finished a Fergal Coat of Arms, put some poppers on LARP Mace Clips,... read more

Formating the Blog


I have a few minutes spare this morning so thought I would look at how to format the text within the blog.   You never know we might need to do something fancy one day to test our technical skills. One simple thing is to have a new paragraph break in the text.  Hopefully this has been done between "skills" and "One" Links to external website look to be quit... read more



One of the hardest things about having a new website built is learning your way around it. We had the last site for 10 years so we knew exactly where each piece of information could be found and how to make the site do the things we wanted. A new site, new layout. It's taken me the best part of a week to work out the blog and how to comment on it. Anyone who's logged in can comment on our ... read more

New Website


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New Website
After a few teething problems with the website it all appears to be up and running... Now all we have to do is crawl all over the site 15 more times to tweak everything. And find out how to link to our Google plus page. https://plus.google.com/+darkblade/posts/HQDXTf4RuJi read more