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Pouch Advertorial

Running out of hands to carry all that stuff? Boots uncomfortable with all that loot stuffed in them? Well no longer – the answer is here, the Large leather belt pouch. Designed to attach to the belt and carry all manner of stuff and leave your hands free for more important things like weapons., But that's not the only feature of the Large leather belt pouch – It's reusab... read more

Larger size leather armour

We’ve had a couple of requests for armour for the larger gentleman so we’re creating a pattern for a standard item with  a chest size of 54″-60″, in this case a studded jacket, to go on the website. From this we can make any of our jacket based armours in the larger size. Now all we need is a name for it that implies the larger size without being patronising or insulti... read more

Christmas Market



Recently I've been looking at other areas I can sell leather stuff in. I figured it was worth looking at where I could sell leather stuff over the winter months when we're not flat out in the workshop. To this end I signed up for then local Christmas market. It wasn't expensive or on for a long time, perfect for dipping a toe in the water.   I modified some of our designs so... read more

Civilised Dining

I've always been wary of the wrought iron cutlery that is on so many larp sites. The thought of using something that goes rusty to eat with doesn't sit well. Because of this I've always specified stainless steel. The latest supplier, the nice man in Pakistan who supplied the surgeons kits and the cloak pins has done a fantastic job by not polishing after forming, it still has that wrou... read more

New Cloak Pins

I was working in the workshop one afternoon when a nice man from Pakistan rang and asked if I wanted any leather Larp goods (you know Larp is now mainstream when a nice man from Pakistan rings you up and mentions the acronym specifically). I said no thank you we make all our own leather stuff but did he do any ironwork? Yes he did, and on the back of that I gave him my spam e-mail address and he s... read more