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Larp, larp pouch

Run up to the Empire LARP event next weekend so a mad build of Scroll Tubes and Water Bottle Carriers !   read more

End of Season

Only one more major event of the year to go - Empire Autumn Equinox event on the 14-16 September. Following the Bank Holiday events it has been a case of unpacking, re-stocking/re-building items and preparing to re-pack the workshop into the van one last time.  While also building and packing and sending the website orders. Once the event season is over we may get chance to have a good ... read more

Injection Moulded Weapons

I thought it was important to write something about the new injection moulded swords we're now selling. Injection moulded stuff has been around for years and some of it has been truly awful. Advances have been made in foam control which has lead to more consistant foam density for the blade and cast rubber for the handgrips and pommels has been accepted a suitable material from which to make a... read more

New Larp Player Kit

Getting your first ever kit together can be really intimidating. Firstly, knowing where to start and secondly with all the time and money involved. Costume standards in LARP have been steadily increasing, with some players looking like they have just stepped off a film set. This is obviously a good thing, as I’m sure some of the more silver haired players can remember leather biker trouse... read more

The Hawk Headband

For the latest new releases we've started getting other people to write the blurb “Fire, water, air and land! Power now, within my hand!” The entire tribe looked on in terrified awe as he spoke the words, his voice crackling like an ancient oak as magic thrummed and shimmered. The high priest slashed his palm with a jagged flint knife and hurled his bloody palm to the sky as ... read more