Blog - Darkblade Larp

Studded body armour

Today we've been cutting and punching several sets of studded body armour. They're not being used for Larp but instead for costumes at a medieval visitor attraction. They're not strictly medieval but they look close enough to people's Hollywood image that they pass muster. They were designed as a phys rep for studded armour which was in fact a coat with loads of small metal plates ... read more

Larp throwing knife bandolier

One of the things we built today was a larp throwing knife bandolier. Now you're not going to take down amny monsters with throwing knives but if you get yourself in the right place you can cause all sorts of chaos and confusion with spellcasters whenever they try and get their verbals out. Putting them on a bandolier looks cool as well and that's half the fun in Larp. read more

Larp pouches

This is our most popular larp pouch. It's the so called large pouch , so called because it was bigger than the first pouch I designed. It can fit a wallet, set of keys baccy tin, that sort of thing. It's popular because larp costume tends not to have too many pockets and those that it does have tend to be inaccesible due to armour and scabbards.   #large pouch read more

Wrap robe

The wrap robe has proved popular recently. It's a very versatile piece suiting a range of Larp characters from druids to mad cultists. As it's sleeveless the look can be changed by changing the lower layer and hoods are always popular. The fabric has a reasonably coarse weave to give it texture and it comes in a range of sizes and colours. All we need to do  now is convince our suppli... read more

Full Larp sword scabbard

Today we've been building full scabbards for Larp swords. We started with a custom order but then carried on making for stock for the upcoming events. We've changed to a heavier grade leather then the original scabbards. it's pushed the cost up slightly but give more protection. The tricky bit was getting the balance right so the scabbard stays level both when it's got the sword in... read more