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Chapter armour

Today's buils was a Chapter armour. It was originally designed with the nation brief for Highguard in mind for the Empire Larp game. It's based on a roman lorica segmentata but with added leather panels to cover the upper arms and legs. It's size adjustable to a degree with strap and buckles down the side. It's a very flexible armour and classes as medium armour at most games.... read more

Frog satchel

This is one of the new fun items we've been working on over the winter. The use of applique to put decorations onto a standard Larp satchel isn't something we've ven tried before and involved some polishing of our machining skills. It also needed a new foot for the sewing machine as the standard one we use for most things covered half the frog's head so we couldn't see where to... read more

Larp Pouches


LARP Costume, larp pouch

Everyone needs pouches. Pouches can be used to carry big things and small things and are essential as Larp costumes never seem to have pockets.  We've been playing with making pouches more individual by adding the same decorative metalwork we use on the headbands. This means you can have a character specific pouch without it costing an arm and a leg for one of those gorgeous hand ... read more

Heath Robinson

We've had a Singer 45K cylinder arm sewing machine in the workshop for at least 5 years now. This is a powerful machine capable of sewing at least 9mm of leather together. Unfortunately cylinder arm machines are not really designed for the type of sewing we do, fantastic for hats, but awkward for flat panels like body armours and vambraces. So after 3 years of winters saying we must so... read more

Packed and Ready to Go


Larp, larping

The workshop is packed and ready to go to the last LARP event of the year...     read more