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Basic design thoughts behind our Larp pouches, part two

Sorry, got a bit distracted by the boot cover. As promised, below you can see a picture of the finished pouch. I've closed it using a strap and buckle set but other options are loop and toggle, a tongue and loop or there are any number of latches. I've gone for a chunky strap width as this pouch is made from 3.5mm thick leather so is quite solid and I think the fastening has to reflec... read more

Boot tops or gaiters

I'll get back to the pouch next time. We've just made a set of gaiters to go over a pair of rigger boots that have alrady been modified by another trader. Decent footwear with grip, that keep your feet dry and look in character are tough to find. Two out of three, no problem, all together, a different story, which is where boot covers or gaiters can come into the equation. Modern boot... read more

Basic design thoughts behind our Larp pouches

Most of our pouch designs are based on a box. It's an easy shape to make and it give good volumetric capacity for the amount of leather used. As my training was in engineering rivets were the fastening of choice, sewing is fine but I like hitting things with hammers. All you need to do to make the pattern is lay the box out flat. The picture shows one of our patterns with the original const... read more

Test for a video


Test to see if we can get videos in the blog: This is a video we did a while back for the orc warskirt for the guys and gals at Empire LARP - just thought we might be able to use it to explain other LARP products that we waffle about - a picture paints a thousand words as they say. read more

Peacock Satchel

This was a customer request after they'd seen some of the other applique bags we've done in the past. Like all the applique work it presents a number of technical challenges.   The first challenge is creating the design. It can't be too complex or it will cost too much to cut and sew. It also has to be instantly recognisable as the thing it's supposed to be. No one want&... read more