If you open the box and it doesn't fit, the colour's not what you thought it would be or you're unhappy in any way shape or form let us know (larp@Darkbladeuk.co.uk or 07952 564804) and we'll try to put the smile back on your face. Legally you've got 14 days from when you received the goods to do this but we do understand about birthdays and Christmas.

We're happy to exchange stuff or give you a full refund provided you haven't used it (trying it on does not constitute using it, wearing it for a 24 hour linear adventure does)

Below is the big shiny form that we have to provide by law. You can fill it out if you want to or you can just put the stuff in a box with a note and post it back to us   (you have to pay the return postage). When we get it we'll wizz you out an exchange or give you a refund for your original order value.


Stuff we made. If it breaks and we made it we will always fix it for free. Forever. Even if a bit of it's just worn out. If it can't be fixed just what did you do to it?

Stuff we didn't make. If it breaks we will try to fix it or get it fixed, if that fails then we will replace it. Fair wear and tear excluded