What do you do ?

We build all things to do with LARP, well, if it is in leather. We design and build all our own stuff, there is very little bought in, so we can accommodate you if you want something slightly different from "off the shelf"

How long does your stuff take to build ?

Depends on what it is. If it is a LARP Pouch or LARP Scabbard i.e. an accessory type item they are usually (99%) always on the shelf. if you want some LARP Armour or a LARP Helmet we build these to order so they take a little longer (there is usually a lead time on the product page). But, if you are on a deadline, get in touch and we can always give you an expected turnaround.

How do I measure myself ?

Some items we need measurements for. For armour this is usually your chest size or dress size. For belts this is a waist measurement and helmets a head measurement. Whenever measuring don't forget to wear whatever kit you will be wearing under your armour or belt and then measure - you will be surprised how many inches are added by a shirt, tunic and gambeson. Oh, and don't forget to use a tape measure that doesn't have the beginning missing and to use the correct end - yes, we have had both instances and the customers wondered why we queried the sizing !

Do you Ship Overseas ?

Yes, we ship all over the world and the website should calculate the costs. If you have a query or want to check it out just drop us an email and we can give you a price, let you know how we will send it and generally sort stuff for you. Our standard shipping rates are here.

Where are you ?

We are based in the UK in Saddleworth, on the edges of the Moors outside Oldham. We have a workshop in a converted Mill surrounded by other small businesses and sheep in the car park.

Larp Leather Ltd
Unit 23, Tanner Business Centre
Chew Valley Road
Greenfield, Oldham
Phone: +44 7986 335478


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