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Medium weight leather pouch, designed to fit an A5 book, now with embossed decoration. The embossed disc in the centre of the flap is hand stained, waxed and polished to give it a deep lustre so it stands out. You choose from a range of embossed images here.

Perfect for all those notes and lore sheets you need to carry around before you've memorized what the rune Feresh looks like. This pouch is made from strong but supple 1.8-2mm thick leather, with a riveted construction and a 3/4" stamped whole roller buckle. Internal size of the pouch is 215mm x 160mm x 20mm, back loops will fit belt up to 31/2", 87mm wide, hanging loops will fit a belt up to 2", 52mm wide.

The Goblin Guide

+ Made by us in the UK
+ Choice of hanging or belt loops
+ Embossed detail

+ Fits an A5 book and a couple of pens.

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